Tailored Infrastructure for Modern Enterprises

Leverage our AWS-powered infrastructure that ensures full GDPR compliance and HIPAA eligibility, meeting the high standards of enterprise-level operations.

Globally Distributed

Our platform runs on a globally distributed AWS cloud services, ensuring seamless performance no matter where your business operates.


As your business grows, so does our platform. Enjoy seamless scalability with AWS, able to manage increasing workloads effortlessly.


Leverage the reliability of AWS infrastructure with fault tolerance and redundancy built into their global network.

Regional Data Centers

Our platform utilizes data centers situated in strategic locations worldwide, guaranteeing fast response times and data transfer.


We employ geo-redundancy to ensure high availability, fault tolerance, and seamless failover in the event of any infrastructure issues.

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Broadcast Grade Video Streaming

Our platform offers high-quality video streaming capabilities designed for enterprise applications.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Our streaming technology adapts to each viewer’s device and connection speed, providing the best possible video quality.

Scalable Delivery

Our platform is capable of handling large-scale live events and on-demand video streaming, ensuring smooth playback even during peak times.

Ultra-Low Latency

By leveraging the ultra-low latency AWS infrastructure, we ensure the shortest delay possible, delivering video content in less than 3 seconds, which enhances interactive experiences in real-time broadcasts.

Content Protection

We offer advanced content protection measures, including encryption and digital rights management, to keep your video assets secure.


Dedicated Account

We offer dedicated resources for each client, ensuring high performance and security for your applications.

Resource Allocation

Each client receives dedicated resources, ensuring consistent performance without the risk of resource contention.

Isolated Environment

Your data and applications are securely isolated from other clients, preventing any cross-client interference.


As per your unique requirements, we can tailor the allocation of resources and configurations.

Cost Management

Experience transparent cost management and control through AWS Cost Explorer, Budgets, Savings Plans, and other associated financial services.

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Savings Plans

Secure and Compliant

We prioritize security and compliance, ensuring our platform meets rigorous international standards.

AWS Well-Architected

Our platform adheres to the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, ensuring secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your applications.

GDPR ready

We’re fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the privacy and security of your user data.

HIPAA eligible

We meet the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), making our platform suitable for healthcare applications.

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Innovative Cloud Technologies

Harness the power of AWS’s best-in-class technologies to fuel your business growth.

Serverless Architecture

We leverage serverless technologies such as EventBridge, DynamoDB, and Lambda, where applicable, to enhance performance and minimize costs.

Proven Cloud Services

Our platform utilizes AWS services that have been tested and refined over time, ensuring reliability and optimal performance for your applications.

AI and Machine Learning

We leverage AWS SageMaker to integrate machine learning models, enhancing your applications with AI capabilities.

Embracing Sustainability

Through efficient AWS technologies, we enable sustainable business practices that align with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles.

IoT Core

Pre-made Solutions

We offer a comprehensive selection of pre-developed modules, which are seamlessly integrated and interconnected, providing a streamlined solution to optimize your business workflows and enhance your client experience.

Our Platform

Our platform is built to cater to a wide spectrum of business activities and sectors, with the feature of altering or merging modules, or even crafting custom ones, to create a solution that seamlessly aligns with your enterprise requirements.

Have questions?

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