In-Person Event Solution

Use our platform to facilitate seamless in-person events. From intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences, our tools are designed to adapt to your unique needs.

Experience Amplified

Leverage the power of our advanced technology to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and excitement of your in-person events.

Full On-site Control
Harness the power of our comprehensive event management suite, offering a 360° view of your event. Gain full control with real-time reporting, analytics, and attendee management to ensure seamless operation.
Paperless Event Experience
Drive sustainability and efficiency with our paperless solution. From digital invitations and e-tickets to online event materials, we ensure a smooth, environmentally friendly event experience.
Branded Mobile App
Engage your attendees like never before with our mobile app. Provide personalized schedules, push notifications, interactive maps, and networking opportunities, all under your brand’s identity.
Smart Check-in & Registration
Redefine your attendees' first impression with our smart check-in & registration solution. Say goodbye to long queues and manual entry with fast, secure, and error-free registration process.

Unified Experience Across All Devices

Attendee Experience

Seamless Connectivity

Our AWS-backed infrastructure ensures reliable, secure, and seamless connections across all digital touchpoints. Attendees can interact, engage, and collaborate in real-time, ensuring a connected experience throughout the event.

Tailored Experience

Attendee-centricity is at the heart of our solution. From personalized agendas to content recommendations, we leverage AI-driven insights to tailor the event experience for each individual, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Interactive Social Environment

Create a vibrant community for your attendees through our interactive social features. Live chat, Q&A, polling, and gamification make the experience more dynamic and foster real-time engagement and collaboration.

Assured Offline Access

We ensure the event experience is uninterrupted, even in low or no connectivity scenarios. Attendees can access key event materials, schedules, and updates offline, ensuring their event journey continues seamlessly.

Innovative Screen Services

Our platform facilitates powerful and versatile visual experiences. Our screen services offer the flexibility and control you need to seamlessly manage every aspect of your event’s visual display.

Advanced Stage Controls

Manage and control poll results, presentations, and video content with precision. Ideal for both small & large stages, our advanced stage controls ensure your event flows smoothly and professionally.

Dynamic Dashboards/Billboards

Transform your event's visual landscape with our unlimited dashboards and billboards. Display timely information, ads, and social walls, ensuring attendees are always informed and engaged.

Effortless Multi-Location Management

Our screen services provide easy management of multiple locations simultaneously. Seamlessly broadcast content, manage displays, and control visual elements across diverse event locations.

Superior Visual Quality

Impress your attendees with superior display quality, irrespective of screen size. Our services ensure crisp, vibrant visuals that replace traditional, costly AV equipment.

Interactive Maps

Our Interactive Map tool enhances navigation and engagement within your event environment. With comprehensive detailing and real-time information, we aim to provide a seamless experience for attendees.

Indoor & Outdoor Mapping

Get detailed views of both indoor and outdoor areas. Our interactive maps are scalable and can adapt to the exact layout of your event environment, whether it is a single building or an entire campus.

Multi-Floor & Multi-Building Navigation

Simplify navigation across complex venues with our multi-floor and multi-building mapping capabilities. Attendees can easily locate sessions, booths, amenities, and more across multiple levels or separate buildings.

Intuitive Wayfinding

Guide your attendees through your event with ease. Our wayfinding feature provides clear, step-by-step directions to any destination within the event, reducing confusion and improving attendee experience.

Contextual Information Integration

Enrich your maps with real-time, contextual information. Display detailed session info, sponsor banners, and more directly on the map, offering attendees a richer and more informative experience.

Related Solutions


Ticketing & Registration

Simplify the ticketing and registration process for your events. Provide a smooth and efficient experience for your attendees.

Virtual Event

Host engaging, interactive virtual events that deliver exceptional experiences to your audience, all from the comfort of their own home or office.

Hybrid Event

Combine the best of in-person and virtual events with our hybrid event solutions. Maximize reach and engagement, regardless of where your audience is located.

Additional Comprehensive Features

Take advantage of our extensive suite of features designed to simplify your event organization process and enhance the attendee experience.

Dynamic Event Homepage Design

Make a lasting impression with an engaging and feature-rich event homepage.

  • Unique event-specific landing page
  • Visibility for all stakeholders
  • Choose from numerous customizable widgets
  • Save and reuse your designs for future events
  • Create multiple designs and activate the most suitable one
  • Incorporate an interactive feed and photo booth
Sophisticated Scheduling Capabilities

Navigate the complexities of event scheduling with our advanced, user-friendly tools.

  • Multilingual support
  • Comprehensive session profiles
  • No limit on complexity of event scheduling
  • Personalized agendas for attendees
  • User-based access and visibility
Optimized Sponsorship Opportunities

Boost your event’s reach and offer valuable exposure to your sponsors.

  • Rich profiles for sponsors
  • Inclusion of brochures and videos
  • Extensive banner placements for enhanced visibility
  • Social media reach
  • Detailed event statistics
  • Opportunities for virtual meetings

All-in-one platform

A complete platform offering a robust suite of features, designed to streamline every aspect of event management. Engineered to enhance user engagement and ease communication, our solution simplifies the complexities of managing successful events.

Built-in Access Control
Provides a secure environment for events with advanced access control mechanisms. Allows selective event and asset permissions based on user groups.
Feedback Surveys
Facilitates the collection of feedback from attendees using built-in, extensively customizable survey tools.
Media Resources
Allows the organization and sharing of important documents, images, videos, and other media resources directly within the platform.
Private Messages & Calls
Includes integrated private messaging and calling features to facilitate networking among attendees.
Alerts & Notifications
Sends real-time alerts and push notifications to keep attendees informed about event updates, upcoming sessions, and announcements.
Stats & Reports
Offers a comprehensive statistics and reports feature for informed decision-making. Provides valuable insights into attendee engagement, performance metrics, and more.

Our Platform

Our platform is built to cater to a wide spectrum of business activities and sectors, with the feature of altering or merging modules, or even crafting custom ones, to create a solution that seamlessly aligns with your enterprise requirements.


Our system, with its emphasis on data safety, is HIPAA eligible and GDPR compliant. Built on the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we ensure stability and security, facilitating your business transformation.

Require a Unique Solution?
or Customized Approach?

If you're not finding the optimal module combination for your enterprise, our software engineers can develop a custom implementation that precisely addresses your needs. Contact us for a technology consultation.